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Lin Chambers Lin Chambers is the director of the S’COOL and MY NASA DATA Projects, as well as the contrail scientist for the GLOBE Program. She received her education in aeronautical/aerospace engineering. After 10 years of work on problems relating to spacecraft reentering Earth’s atmosphere after visits to Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars, she switched over to the related problem of radiative transfer in the atmosphere itself (without man-made objects). She is interested in the effects of clouds on the movement of solar radiation, as well as engaging students and the public with NASA science.
Sarah McCrea Sarah McCrea earned her B.S. in Atmospheric Science with a minor focus in Natural Resource Management from The Ohio State University. Her previous experiences range from working with chief meteorologists in broadcasting to aiding CO2 research at Maryland’s Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Sarah currently helps develop NASA Earth Science resources and outreach materials, helping to tell the story of NASA science missions and their relevance to mankind. She also coordinates formal and informal Education and Public Outreach (to include educator professional development and participant trainings), and participant engagement and retention for the CERES S'COOL Project. As a GLOBE and SciGirls Trainer, Sarah also has the opportunity to lead teacher workshops focused on atmospheric protocols highlighting Earth science content, STEM engagement strategies, authentic NASA science experiences, and hands-on/classroom ready material/projects.
Kristyn Damadeo Kristyn Damadeo is an Earth science educational outreach and communication specialist. In her current role she provides support specifically to an upcoming mission, SAGE III/ISS, which will monitor ozone and aerosols in Earth's atmosphere. Previously she worked as a science writer for the Science Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center. She has worked in Hampton, Va. for five years. She earned her B.A. In Communication Arts from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2006 and worked for five years as an environmental and renewable energy reporter prior to working at NASA.
Tina Harte Tina Harte received her B.S. in Human Learning K-8 and her M.S. in Science Education with an emphasis in Earth and Space Science from the University of Tennessee at Martin. She taught middle school science for 18 years in the state of Tennessee and is currently Team Lead for the NASA LaRC Science Directorate Outreach and Education Team. She previously served two years as President of the Tennessee Earth Science Teachers Association in addition to serving on the Tennessee State Leadership Team for the development of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). She works with the MY NASA DATA, S’COOL and GLOBE Project as education specialist focusing on the development of science curriculum resources, bringing NASA to the classroom.
Preston Lewis Preston Lewis earned his bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with an emphasis in Geology and a minor in History. After graduating, he taught Earth Science in Hampton VA. As a member of the MY NASA DATA and S'COOL teams he acts as an associate outreach coordinator as well as an education specialist. On the team, parts of his duties include integration of information through new media, lesson and curriculum development, website content generation and more. Preston also presents on the MY NASA DATA and S'COOL projects at local, regional and national science education conferences. At these conferences, he helps show prospective users of the projects how to integrate the projects into their current classroom framework.
Ann Martin Ann Martin has been at NASA Langley since 2011, and currently works with the MY NASA DATA, S’COOL, and TEMPO SC teams. She has an undergraduate degree in physics and a PhD in astronomy. Ann supports the E/PO team through program evaluation and coordination.
Penny Oots Penny Oots has over 30 years experience in system analysis and integration, database design, database administration and programming in both commercial and government contracting environments. Penny started working with the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Core System (ECS) at the Atmospheric Sciences Data Center (ASDC), NASA Langley Research Center in November 2000 and MY NASA DATA in May 2004. Penny currently helps develop and maintain the MY NASA DATA web site. Penny has a B.A. with double majors in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Colorado.
Tina Rogerson Tina Rogerson is a programmer and database developer/administrator. She works at the Atmospheric Sciences Data Center where the CERES data (and many other science project data) are processed, archived, and distributed. Tina joined the S'COOL team in May 2004.
Jessica Taylor Jessica Taylor is a Physical Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center. She serves as Lead trainer for the GLOBE Atmosphere Training Center of Excellence and is the Education and Public Outreach lead for the CALIPSO mission. Jessica serves as Langley’s representative on NASA’s Early Career Scientist & Engineer Working Group and NASA’s Women in STEM Working Group.

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