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The NASA Earth's Energy Budget Poster.

This double-sided poster is suitable for full sized printing at 25½ inches width by 22 inches height per side.

Click Here to download the full sized PDF document.

+ Download the New 2016 Revision 7 Earth’s Radiation Budget Lithograph [PDF - 21MB].
The 2014 Legacy Version may be downloaded here.

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The energy budget diagram on the front shows our best understanding of energy flows into and away from the Earth. It is based on the work of many scientists over more than 100 years, with the most recent measurements from the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES; satellite instrument providing high accuracy data of the radiation components (reflected solar and emitted infrared radiation fluxes).

This energy balance determines the climate of the Earth. Our understanding of these energy flows will continue to evolve as scientists obtain a longer and longer record using new and better instruments.

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