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Reporting Observations

Registered GLOBE Teachers

If you are already a GLOBE teacher, please go to the GLOBE website, and click on "GLOBE schools Log-in". In the left column, click on "Data Entry". If you are only reporting cloud/contrail data, the easiest thing is then to click on "Atmosphere/Climate" and select "Cloud Observations". If you are entering additional atmosphere data, you will need to select the "Atmosphere: One Day" data entry form instead.

As with all GLOBE protocols, you must first have an atmosphere study site defined before you can enter data.

Non-Registered GLOBE Teachers

If you are not a GLOBE teacher the first step is to become trained in one or more of the GLOBE protocols. If you are interested in reporting cloud and contrail observations, it is suggested that you receive training in the Atmospheric Protocols. Because GLOBE accepts scientific quality data, only trained participants may send in data.

To look for a workshop near you, please visit the GLOBE website, click on the "Educator's Corner" button located in the left sidebar, then open the "Teacher workshops" link. On this page are instructions for enrolling in a workshop and, if a workshop is not available, for contacting the GLOBE U.S. Partner Coordinator nearest you. If you are not in the US, click on the Countries link in the left sidebar to find a GLOBE contact in your country.

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