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  2013-2014 LEARN projects

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Samantha Adams Effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York City Air Quality - Samantha Adams
This work is a continuation on last year’s project, “Asthma and PM2.5 in New York”. Typically, elevated PM2.5 concentrations are correlated with temperature inversions. However, during Hurricane Sandy, elevated PM2.5 concentrations were not correlated with temperature inversions, but rather with increased wind speeds from the hurricane.
Ellen Babcock What Is It and Where Did It Come From? - Ellen Babcock
Angstrom Exponent values can be used to determine a relationship between aerosols and their size and composition. Larger values indicated a larger effective radius, meaning the aerosol is more likely to be of natural origin. Smaller values indicated a smaller effective radius and correlate with increased concentrations of PM2.5.
Jackie Calder Ozone Signatures and Frontal Passages at Shenandoah National Park and Richmond, Virginia
- Jackie Calder
Although Shenandoah National Park is located in rural Virginia and relatively free of local pollution, episodes of high ozone spikes greater than that of urban areas such as Richmond were measured. This can be primarily attributed to air mass trajectories and boundary layer chemistry. Ozone measurements at Shenandoah National Park and the Math and Science Innovation Center in Richmond, VA were compared during the summer of 2012.
Susan Dougherty The Correlation of Autism Birth Rates and Surface Ozone in the United States - Susan Dougherty
Autism rates in the United States have nearly doubled since 2000 and is believed to effect 1 out of every 68 8-year-olds. In 2014, a study from Harvard School of Public Health concluded that women living in areas of elevated levels of air pollution are up to twice as likely to have a child with autism as woman living in areas of low air pollution. This study aimed to provide a correlation between ozone concentrations and autism prevalence, but no correlation could be established.
Jodie Harnden Particulate Matter and Winter Weather Conditions of Pendleton, OR
- Jodie Harnden
Pendleton, OR is located in a basin, which results in stagnant air during winter. While concentrations of various pollutants may decrease during this time, particulate matter dramatically increases due to cold inversions trapping air in the basin. Therefore, in some areas, weather conditions are expected to correlate with high or low concentrations of particulate matter.
Tim Kubinak Variability of Tropospheric Carbon Dioxide in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area - Tim Kubinak
Carbon dioxide in the troposphere has become an increasing concern in recent decades. This study investigated the factors associated with local carbon dioxide concentrations. Due to the plethora of available data, the Houston Metropolitan Area was selected as the location of study.
Christina Marentette Ozone Patterns for the Lower Peninsula of Michigan - Christina Marentette
According to a 1979-2005 climatology study, ozone levels in southern Michigan are greater than that of large urban areas in the state. Across Michigan, ozone concentrations increase throughout the day with large maximums in southern cities.
Sue McIninich Correlation of Chlorophyll and Sea Surface Temperature in Sub Artic Regions - Sue McIninich
Overall productivity of phytoplankton is driven by a combination of factors. Previous research suggested that phytoplankton blooms were restricted to areas free of ice. However, during colder years, phytoplankton are better able to feed under the ice resulting in blooms, but their activities are not detected by satellite.
Gay Reilly From the Atmosphere to the Classroom – Gay Reilly
Handheld sun photometers can provide accurate aerosol optical thickness for a fraction of the cost of a research-grade instrument and be a valuable classroom resource. During the first half of 2014, over 600 measurements were taken with the GLOBE sun photometer at NASA Langley Research Center and compared to AERONET, an on site research-grade instrument.

2013-2014 LEARN Posters

Evaluation of SHADE Sun Photometer for GLOBE
- Charles Haggard, Margaret Pippin

Evaluation of the Handheld GLOBE Sun Photometer as a Classroom Resource
- Robert Bujosa, Margaret Pippin

Evaluation of Calitoo Handheld Sun Photometer for Classroom Use
- Cara Moulton, Margaret Pippin

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