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  2012-2013 LEARN projects

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Alicia Dobyns 2011 Lateral West Fire of Virginia - Alicia Dobyns
During 2011 the fires in the Great Dismal swamp impacted air quality in the northern NC and Hampton Roads, VA. The smoke plume was visible on MODIS satellite and detectable in the PM2.5 and CO ground station data throughout the region. AERONET and CALIPSO provided vertical information about the aerosols and particulates aloft not seen at the ground stations.
Jodie Harnden Seasonal Air Quality in Oregon - Jodie Harnden
Air quality in Oregon is influenced by several factors depending on the season. Air quality in the summer and fall are dominated by forest fires and agricultural burning. Winter and spring are dominated by heating buildings- such as wood burning stoves.
Samantha Adams Asthma and PM2.5 in New York - Samantha Adams
Air quality in big cities like New York is a growing problem, especially for adults and children with asthma. South Bronx and East Harlem has high concentrations of highways, sewage treatment plants and bus depots as well as high rates of hospitalizations due to asthma. Particulate matter smaller than 2.5 g data is collected from 13 ground stations throughout New York City and compared to number of hospitalizations of asthma patients.
Tim Kubinak CO2 spatial and temporal variability: local to global - Tim Kubinak
Through the use of satellite data (AIRS on AQUA), ground station data, and data analysis software, the project takes a math-based approach to examine the spatial and temporal variability of CO2. The satellite footprint, local variability, and hemispheric differences are examined to better understand the calculation of the global average of CO2
Ellen Babcock Physics and Instrumentation of atmospheric aerosol measurements in Greater DC Area - Ellen Babcock
To truly understand an aerosol measurement, you must first understand the physics of the atmosphere and the physics of the instrumentation. Then the project looks at the physics of the AERONET sun photometer and how the instrument uses photons to measure aerosol content. Finally, aerosol data is presented from the DRAGON network during the DISCOVER-AQ mission in 2011 in the greater DC area.
Sandy Ranstead Berkley CO2 data - Sandy Ranstead
The BEACO2N project based out of UC Berkley has set up several ground stations that collect hourly CO2 data at different locations throughout the greater Berkley area. Three geographically different locations were chosen and compared to understand daily variability and small scale interactions of CO2 within the boundary layer of the atmosphere. The temporal variability and vertical distribution on CO2 in the lower troposphere can be compared to aircraft CO2 measurements.
Roy Landers Impacts of Climate Change on Ozone in Atlanta - Roy Landers
To study air quality over time in Atlanta, three sites will be compared both in short and long time spans. Three sites- an urban, suburban, and rural- will be compared to see daily variability in hourly air quality data. Data from the last 25 years will also be studied to search for impacts of climate change on air quality in Atlanta.

2012-2013 LEARN Intern Posters

Comparison of Handheld Atmospheric Instruments for GLOBE
       - Alec Weisman, Charles Haggard, Margaret Pippin

Long-Term Engagement in Authentic Research with NASA
       - Simone Hyater-Adams, Margaret Pippin

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