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  2014-2015 LEARN projects

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LEARN teachers choose a topic of interest that they want to research. Below are the current teachers’ projects. After they picked the projects, they were put into research teams with other projects with similar themes.

Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams:  Pan American International at Monroe, Bronx, NY
PBATs and Precipitable Water:
Measuring Water Vapor with an Infrared Thermometer
Ellen Babcock
Ellen Babcock:  WT Woodson High School, Fairfax, VA
Developing Student Researchers
Kathleen Breen
Kathleen Breen:  Waldorf School of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Smoke Transport from Canadian Wildfires to the Mid-Atlantic In 2014
Sue Dougherty
Sue Dougherty:  Stamford High School, Stamford, CT
Climate Education: Visualizing Polar Ice Variability With Satellite Data
Jodie Harnden
Jodie Harnden:  Sunridge Middle School, Pendleton, OR
Seasonal Trends of Particulate Matter: Selected Western Cities 2010-2015
Denise Magrini
Denise Magrini:  Mountain View Middle School, Mendham, NJ
Establishment of an Ozone Bioindicator Study Site at Mountain View School
Chris Marentette
Chris Marentette:  Groves High School, Beverly Hills, MI
Transport of Aerosol Pollution into Michigan
Sue McIninch
Sue McIninch:  New Kent High School, New Kent, VA
Using MY NASA DATA In the Classroom
Melissa Niemi
Melissa Niemi:  Arnold Magnet Academy, Columbus, GA
Ozone Levels in Urban and Rural Communities in Georgia
Patricia Pitton
Patricia Pitton:  St. Pius X School, Norfolk, VA
Weather Impact on Air Quality in the Hampton Roads Area
Gay Reilly
Gay Reilly:  Virginia Space Grant Consortium, Hampton, VA
Ground Level Ozone in the Great Smoky National Park
Angela Rizzi
Angela Rizzi:  Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Newport News, VA
Long Range Transport of Smoke Plumes from the 2011 Lateral West Fire
Eric Thuma
Eric Thuma:  Stoney Creek High School, Rochester Hills, MI
Ozone Levels Near Lake Michigan
Jeff Timmerman
Jeff Timmerman:  Brooke Point High School, Stafford, VA
Influence of Transport on Air Quality in Richmond, Virginia

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