Aerosol Lesson: Mathematics

Volcano erupting and a cloudy sky.

Recommended Grades:
Intermediate Level (Grades 5-8).

Convert volcano elevation from feet to meters.

Prerequisite Skill:
Multiply with whole numbers and decimals.

Applicable National Math Standards:
- Standard 6.3 (Extend understanding of whole number operations to decimals).
- Standard 7.1 (Compute whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers, and rational numbers).
- Standard 13 (Develop formulas and procedures for determining measurements to solve problems).

Instructional Delivery:
Whole Group, Cooperative Group, Flexible Group, or Independently

Materials Needed:
Volcano Handout (calculators are optional)

Activity Procedure:

  1. It is recommended that the students review multiplication skills with whole numbers and decimals to introduce the length conversion formula.

  2. The teacher should determine instructional delivery, but should work the first problem as a whole group. The teacher should also determine the number of random problems the students should be given for practice.

  3. The following examples are randomly selected numbers and serve as examples only.

  4. Introduce the length conversion formula. In order to convert feet (ft) to meters (m) multiply feet by 0.3048 to determine meters. [ft. x .3048 = m].

  5. The students are to use the Volcano Handout to convert volcano elevation levels from feet to meters by using the length conversion formula. The Volcano Handout Answer Key is also provided.

Links to Useful Sites
World Volcano Index
(individual volcanoes and images)
This web site lists volcanoes from all over the world. The World Volcano Index provides volcano illustrations plus additional information. The students would enjoy seeing the elevation of the volcano that they compute from feet to meters.
Conversion Factors: Length
(formulas to convert length, area, volume)
The Conversion web site factor offers a list of formulas that are frequently converted. This list also includes formulas to convert area, volume, mass, pressure, and much more.
Math Conversions
(automatic conversion system)
The Math Conversion web site automatically converts length, temperature, weight, and volume.

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