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S'COOL Cloud of the Month

Each month the NASA S'COOL project will announce a new "Cloud of the Month". Using the twelve main cloud types on our S'COOL Cloud Identification chart, we will feature each type as the year progresses. If you see the featured cloud type during your S'COOL observations, we ask that you take a picture. Along with the picture, please tell us the date and time of the observation, and why the photographed cloud fits into the featured cloud type category. Please email both the picture and the explanation, along with user name or school name, city, state, and country, to Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting to our S'COOL Flickr map. The picture will be added to the map based on the photos location. If you make ROVER observations, be sure to tell us where (latitude/longitude) the photo was taken.

February Cloud of the Month: Contrails